Tuesday, May 15, 2012

"Katrina" from Ohio

Infections that are likely due to forced retraction. She was probably instructed to push his remaining skin back everyday to prevent adhesions. Doing this will frequently cause micro tears in the skin. The tears will then create lesions which can often lead to infections.

“He doesn’t even look circumcised.”


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  2. He wasn't fully circumcised when he was born? That's because he was born intact. Then a doctor (without medical ethics) performed a conservative style circumcision. The remaining foreskin that the doctor was kind enough to leave behind, must have reattached (see: adhesions) itself to the shaft. The medical community disagrees on how to treat adhesions. There are 2 schools of thought. Those who manually and forcefully break them (yes, EXTREMELY painful!) and then (sometimes) encourage the parent to continue breaking them at home. This rips the skin adhesion open each and every time and makes the new wound susceptible to repeated infection. Then there are the doctors who are a bit 'kinder' and urge parents to leave the adhesion alone, thus preventing new wounds and infection. If the mother is aggressively cleaning him, which she admits to, then she my be inadvertently ripping it open. Now they will proceed to give him a more aggressive "tight" circumcision. This is bad news too. All this meddling and none of it was necessary had they left his perfect little body ALONE!


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