Monday, March 12, 2012

"Cherice" from Oklahoma


  1. I think to many people, "circumcision" has no actual meaning. They have no real understanding of what it entails. How traumatic it is. Much of the time they don't even know if their doctor used any anesthetic. Many still don't. In "religious" blood rituals, they never use anesthesia.

  2. My little guy is 4 months old and he has never bled for any reason, not a drop. I'm sure he will someday, but I sure won't "LOL" when it happens.

  3. What a c***. Am I allowed to say that on here? I'm an intactavist and people get mad at me saying that I don't have a dick so I need to butt out, but it's MOMS making the decision. I hate moms who mutilate their sons without so much as a google search beforehand.


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