Thursday, December 15, 2011

"Lacy" from Ohio


  1. Another circumcision "repair", horror story. This child now needs to go under a general anesthesia. Why? Because mom and dad and DOCTOR couldn't leave well enough alone. Everyone is praying but no one seems to understand. The child was born perfect. No disassembly was required! He did not need 'emergency corrective surgery' on his penis. The parents were led to believe that their normal, healthy child, had a birth defect on his penis. They were programmed to believe that they needed to meddle with God's handiwork. Look at where it has gotten their child now. Let's pray for this INSANITY to end!

  2. Lacy also has a friend named "M" (see lower right comments) who has a child name "J". Little J had to have his circumcision repair at age 3. Just in case they weren't traumatized enough as an infants, they both get to relive the whole horrible experience and yet another doctor gets the profit.


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