Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Marcus from GA

Circumcision perversion. Female circumciser can't stop playing with and bragging about the baby penis she just skinned.

High and tight circ or adhessions?

Mikaya from IL

Tasha from Virginia

Leighton from TN

Even the parent knows that multiple surgeries because the first one was botched are common.

Bonnie from WA

Katie from OH

Desiree from CA

Madison & Baby Beau from TN

Megan from MO

Circumcision botch and perversion. It's not normal to fondle your baby during diaper changes, but with circumcision, it is. 

Alisha mocks her son IL

Kaycie from TX

Kerry from Ohio

Tara from FL

Grandma Veronica from SC

Yana from Louisiana

Julius from Ca.

Ronnie from KY

MGM is a choice for the penis owner NOT the parent

MGM victim

FGM and MGM aren't the same!