Saturday, January 11, 2014

Megan, a regretful mom

"My ex and the hospital pressured me into circumcising my first child. I was naive, 

ignorant. The moment I saw him I knew he was not the same baby I had just let go of; I 

had  to check his wristband because his eyes had changed. He was still in shock. When he 

peed he screamed. When I saw his wound I broke down crying. What had I done? What 

did they do to him??  I've been against circumcision ever since, I just wish I had known 

before it was too late for him. I had two more sons after him, they're intact, whole and will 

never know the pain of genital cutting" 

~Megan Renee Sampson

"He'll thank you" #BS

BREAKING NEWS! Outrage over graphic circumcision website! 1.11.14

"Every single 'initiation' season in Africa the media writes

about complications accompanying the ritual: death,

mutilation, physical abuse and torture. The magnitude of

these complications is horrific. From 1995 until now (2014)

821 boys- CHILDREN!) have lost their lives in the mountains 

and hills of the Eastern Cape. Many others were mutilated or 

even lost their manhood." 

graphic photographs:


"Is it progress if a cannibal uses a knife and 

Christina from New York

Ironically, she posts this a few hours later: