Friday, August 1, 2014

HIS penis, MY choice!


Desiree from MO

When confronted by Intactivists about the decision to cut her son's genitals, Desiree says:

Tiona from Ohio

Kesha from Michigan

Parents Are Sending Their American Daughters Abroad for “Vacation Cutting”

"Because of the way female circumcision deliberately injures sexual response and can cause long-term health problems, it's all too tempting to treat it as categorically different than the *far  less invasive (and far more familiar) custom of male circumcision. However, in doing so, it's easy to forget that people circumcise girls for basically the same reason they circumcise boys: Because that's how it's always been done, and because, in many cultures, uncut genitals look weird to most neighbors."


Anthony from Florida