Friday, November 11, 2016

Death by circummutilation

This is Ryan Heydari.

This sweet baby only made it to 22 days old before his life was ended, killed by the unnecessary amputation of normal tissue from his body (circumcision). The only reason we know about this child's killing is because his parents fought for it to be known. The doctor who killed this baby faced no criminal prosecution or penalties. Had the same doctor cut a healthy baby girl with a scalpel without medical need, causing her to die, that would have been considered a crime. Baby Ryan was discriminated against under the law and his human rights were not respected or protected. His killer walks free and is free to kill again.

Ryan's parents say: "We are so shocked that we will not have an answer to bring us some peace for our broken hearts, to prevent other cruel deaths"

People should stop saying infant death by circumcision is rare. This case makes it clear that infant death by circumcision is routinely kept secret. You can't say something is rare if you don't know how often it occurs.

Baby Ryan was killed in Canada. When will Canadian boys be granted their basic human rights and equal protection under the law?

"When performed without a specific medical indication, circumcision of newborns, infants and children clearly violates the right to physical integrity guaranteed under Section 7. Non-therapeutic circumcision of newborns and children is a superfluous, invasive surgical intervention performed without consent. It limits the future choices of the patient with respect to sexual behaviour, aesthetics, and perhaps even religious affiliation."

"Section 268 of the Criminal Code prohibits genital mutilation of females, but by failing to extend the same protection to males, this section now contravenes Sections 15 and 28 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Section 268 of the Criminal Code discriminates against males as a group solely on the basis of their sex. It is important to note that offering equal protection to men under the law would in no way diminish the protection offered to women."

Erin from Ohio