Friday, June 15, 2012

Quote of the day

"I wish that I could take the torture of a vulnerable male infant as lightly as

 you do, but I am afraid that i am slightly more human than that."  -AMB

"Frances" from Oregon

Too cowardly to watch what she forces her own baby endure.


"Crystal" from Mississippi

It is not normal for a newborn infant to sleep through the entire night. This is a trauma based induced sleep. It is also unwise to allow the child to sleep through the night after he has just been cut. Hemorrhaging is a concern, and she will be unable to monitor it over the course of the entire night if they are both asleep. It only takes 2 ounces of blood loss (absorbed quickly into a Pamper) for an infant to go into shock and bleed to death. 

"Tasha" from Louisiana

Some people say that the pain and fear the baby experiences doesn't mater because "he wont remember it".  To that I say, a newborn infant can also be sodomized and not remember it; does that somehow make a vile act ok to inflict upon him?