Friday, December 16, 2016

Elephant in the hospital

NOT "just a snip"

"I made an educated decision to circumcise my son" rebuttal

"No respected medical board in the world, not even the AAP, recommends circumcision for infants. All of them, including the AAP in their latest statement, state that there isn't sufficient evidence to warrant this endorsement, much to the chagrin of circumcision advocates.

It is simply not possible, then, that parents who defend their decision to have their male children circumcised "did their research."

Parents who claim having "done their research" and choose in favor of circumcision take an unfounded position against the best medical authorities of the West. 

"We've done our research" is, then, a poor attempt at sounding intelligent, that human rights activists in the know will see through rather quickly.

Let it be clear...
No respected medical organization endorses male infant circumcision, not even the AAP. The most respected medical organizations in the West have weighed the current body of evidence, and have found it to be insufficient to recommend the circumcision of infants.

It is simply not possible, then, that parents who choose in favor of circumcision "did their research."

It is fallacious to expect lay parents to examine the same body of evidence, and come up with a more reasonable conclusion than that of entire organizations of medical professionals." -J4GI 

"I made an educated decision to circumcise my son."

Did you? Really? That can be easily verified.


1-a) In what style did you choose to circumcise your son:
a) Low and Loose.
b) Low and Tight.
c) High and Loose.
d) High and Tight.
e) Radically High.
f) Radically Tight.
g) Dorsal Slit.
h) Button Hole.

1-b) What are the benefits and negatives of each style? 

2-a) What method of circumcision did you request for your child?
a) Plastibell.
b) Mogen Clamp.
c) Gomco Clamp.
d) Freehand.
e) Traditional Mohel.
f) Traditional Tribal.
g) Electro-cauterization.

2-b) What are the risks and possible complications associated with each method? 

3) What are the most common possible immediate complications of the circumcision surgery? 

4) What is the most common possible LATE term complication of circumcision? (from circumcision to 12 years.) 

5) What is the greatest risk factor for ADULT men circumcised in infancy? 

6) What is the most common cause of foreskin infection in boys that have NOT been circumcised? 

7) How do you clean and care for a circumcised boy's penis immediately after circumcision (from circumcision to healing)? List all necessary steps. 

8) How do you clean and care for a circumcised boy's penis after healing? List all necessary steps. 

9) How do you clean and care for a boy's penis who is intact (has not been circumcised)? List all necessary steps. 

10) How does an adult care for his own penis that has: 
a) been circumcised?
b) never been circumcised?

*Bonus Question* 
What are the 16 functions of the foreskin lost to circumcision?

 If you cannot answer the above questions, you did NOT research, or make an educated decision to circumcise your son.

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