Sunday, January 12, 2014



Sylvia from Ontario

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Regretful mom (Kelsey from Virginia)

"This photo breaks my heart. Photo shoot was right after Jacob's penis was sliced and

diced. You can still see the sugar water dried around his mouth, and the trauma in his eyes.

 I have a video of him too where his eyes are shifting in and out in trauma after having it

 done. Why do people cut their babies? Why did I listen to all the FALSE bullshit telling me

 that my perfect baby boy needed to be put through such immense pain and shock. I at 

least took pictures of his whole penis before I sent him away to be forever mutilated. Please

research parents, its a BIG DEAL. Not a little snip that they will just "get over" or "barely

 feel". IF you love your kids enough, you will find the time to research and have the heart

 to keep your sons intact. DON'T make the mistake I made." -Kelsey Mackey 

Ashley from North Carolina

Paraphimosis is a rare condition that occurs in males with a foreskin. Perhaps she is describing
penile adhesions, which is a very common post circumcision
complication. Adhesions are bands of scar tissue that
reattach to the organ. 

Circumcision complications, who's at fault?

EMLA cream

Sometimes we hear of a numbing cream that is used to ease
the pain of infant circumcision. Whenever someone tells you their baby received this treatment, consider providing them
with the following information straight from the
manufacturer's insert. 

EMLA is used to temporarily numb the surface of the skin. It

is used for pain relief on the skin prior to procedures such as

needle insertion and minor skin surgery in adults and

children older than 1 year. 

When using EMLA Cream, it should NOT be applied to the following areas:
• cuts, grazes or wounds
• where there is a skin rash or eczema
• in or near the eyes
• inside the nose
• in the ear
• in the mouth
• in the anus (back passage)

• the genitals of children <------ ---------="" style="background-color: #f4cccc; color: red;">