Monday, June 11, 2012

"Mona" from California

She has these really good instincts to want to protect her child from harm, but she suppresses them and hands the child over to the father to do the dirty deed. I'd say she's less like a Pitt Bull and more like a smaller submissive breed.

She hopes he's not in "a bunch of pain" afterwards. Because "it will make it hard to forgive herself"

Why would she need to forgive herself? Because she failed to protect her child from a cruel and unnecessary amputation to part of his genitals? Or is it because there is an overwhelming amount of information that demonstrates that forced infant genital cutting is harmful, inhumane and traumatic?

"Andrea" from Utah

"It hurt ME Soooo bad...I think I cried a little, hah"

Can this person comprehend that the injured child was the person who actually got hurt the worst? Why are these sadistic people so self centered?